Thornhill Woods Real Estate, Vaughan Ontario

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Thornhill Woods Real Estate VaughanThornhill Woods is a family oriented community that is filled with beautiful houses and forests that makes this neighbourhood one that is very sought after.
One of the fastest growing communities in Canada, this neighbourhood has a large concentration of young families who have moved into their first or second homes. It also has one of the highest per capita incomes in the Greater Toronto Area with more than half of the families living there having a household income over $70,000.
Due to the fact that Thornhill Woods is primarily home to young married couples and families, forming its reputation as a family community
Thornhill Woods is filled with amenities that will suit every person in your family, ranging from parks, to forests, to community centres, you can find anything and everything you need within one community.

House Prices:
Detached Homes ranging from the low $1,150,000 to well over $3.5 million
Townhomes starting at Mid $950,000
Semi's starting at the low $950,000
Borders: North- Rutherford Road
East- Bathurst Street
West- Dufferin Street
South- Highway 7